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   Xinjiang has a vast desert, the vast Gobi, lush oasis, vast grasslands, tourism resources of mountains, lakes, winding blue silk road, ethnic customs, history and culture of the rich. May the pleasant scenery of Xinjiang, a. May 19th is the "China Tourism Day", around the "global tourism, better life" theme, the Autonomous Region Tourism Commission, around the city tourism department and tourism enterprises launched rich and diverse forms of theme activities. To the public good publicity of Xinjiang tourism image and product, to attract more tourists to Xinjiang area and appreciate the beauty of pleasure tour.

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Xinjiang launched nearly 140 activities to create tourism feast"

After 5 month 19 day "China Tourism Day", around Xinjiang, state and city will organize more than 90 class theme activities, nearly 140 sub activities, launched more than 150 Huimin measures, including tourism scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies preferential measures; for poor families, the disabled, "a national unity family activities group public tourism activities etc.. [details]

Tourism feast

  •  The whole world nearly 140 colorful activities The whole world nearly 140 colorful activities

The whole world nearly 140 colorful activities

Before and after 2018 "Chinese Tourism Day", Autonomous Region Tourism Commission organized around Xinjiang tourism sector in enhancing public awareness of "Chinese Tourism Day" activity rate, participation rate, satisfaction rate of efforts, extensive publicity and organize rich and colorful and distinctive features, pragmatic, Huimin Limin "Chinese Tourism Day" series of activities.

Near 140 in Xinjiang more than 90 class theme activities and sub activities include: global tourism theme, tourism day "campaign, the public participation in sports activities, advocating civilized tourism activities, the national unity yiguqin activities, regional tourism product launches, public participation in amateur photography competition, bring a tourist a feast for the people of all nationalities in Xinjiang Xinjiang and foreign tourists. [details]

Huimin Limin

  •  More than 150 Huimin measures to warm the heart More than 150 Huimin measures to warm the heart

More than 150 Huimin measures to warm the heart

Reporters from the Autonomous Region Tourism Committee learned that the "China Tourism Day", the national 5A level scenic area Tianshan Tianchi, Urumqi Tianshan Grand Canyon, KEKETUOHAI scenic half price tickets, the national 4A level scenic Braque River Scenic free tickets, Yili 2 5A level scenic spots (Nalati, kalajun) and 16 4A scenic tourism day "all free tickets. At the same time, Yili, Tarim, Charsi Gurkha praise its scenic tourism development of scenic spot for poor families of disabled people, the disabled relief tickets tourism poverty alleviation measures. Hami City, Yiwu County scenic devil poplar scenic spots such as "home" activities for groups free of charge to implement national unity.

In addition, Xinjiang star hotels, travel agencies, star farmhouse tourism enterprises have also introduced to the public online and offline greatly let promotions price benefit people, visible, tangible benefits will be exciting, for this year's "day" to add a few points. [details]

Exciting activities

  •  The Xinjiang branch main activities show the Xinjiang multicultural tourism elements The Xinjiang branch main activities show the Xinjiang multicultural tourism elements

The Xinjiang branch main activities show the Xinjiang multicultural tourism elements

In May 19th, the Autonomous Region Tourism Commission will be carried out at the national 4A level scenic spot - Qitai county 5 - 19 China Braque River Scenic Tourism "Xinjiang main venue activities within the scenic area, tulips bloom" flowers "will become a major bright spot within the scenic area to attract tourists, then there will be a hot air balloon, UAV through acting," flash "and other activities, the feeling of" Chinese beauty, Tianshan Maihai Jiang Braque scenic beauty of love.

At the same time, the first Chinese Xinjiang Winter Tourism International Film Festival and the two season work share tourism V Xinjiang tour launching ceremony will be held in the morning in the river Braque scenic tourist center hall held to share salon form, by the award-winning author, outstanding photographers share, through excellent image and photography exhibition the exhibition, highlighting the diverse culture of Xinjiang tourism elements, show a different perspective, the beauty of Xinjiang is unknown. [details]


The tourism industry association coordination activities to further boost

5 19 April "China Tourism Day" activities in Xinjiang venues advocate civilized tourism, ecological tourism, to guide the industry to carry out credit management, to create a good atmosphere in the whole society pay attention to tourism, participation in tourism, promote tourism and travel.

The tourism industry association coordination, positive action, advocacy of tourism activities in depth, will. Autonomous Region Tourism Association organized the "sitting car to step on the line", "culture and sport tourism theme salon," 100 van Xinjiang "series of activities; Xinjiang Travel Agency Association will launch Huimin" RV self driving experience tourism products, fully meet the individual needs of self driving car "; tour guide association the autonomous region will organize the tour guides to carry out thousands of tour guide Qi sound: I speak, China traveled beautiful beautiful Xinjiang" activities, and guide the establishment of the Xinjiang volunteer service teams, volunteer service activities. [details]

Xinjiang vision

The charm of Xinjiang

Xinjiang tourism scenery Exhibition

Chinese tourism day, through a number of tourist Huimin initiatives and tourism activities, promote public participation in tourism tourists discount none, sharing the fruits of tourism development. Through the propaganda and enhance public awareness of "mass tourism China day event rate, participation and satisfaction, promote the" Chinese Tourism Day "has become the city tourism development results of the" show "," happy people share tourism Huimin day "and the development of the tourism industry" publicity day".

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