Xinjiang assessment of payment of wages for migrant workers work completed before the end of March

03 2018 07 July 10:31 sources: - Xinjiang channel Urumqi on 7 March, (Li Long) the day before, according to the 66 score of Xinjiang project, around the state, the Municipal People's Government (administrative office) launched the 2017 year guarantee payment of wages for migrant workers work assessment.

5 days, reporters from the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region human resources and social security department learned that March will organize the assessment team to go around the state and take random checks, thorough investigation and field verification, combined with the comprehensive evaluation to the comprehensive management of public security and public security, letters and other departments. The assessment will be completed before the end of March.

The assessment contents include strengthening the leadership, organization to guarantee payment of wages for migrant workers to work to establish and perfect the wage payment security system, management of wages etc..

Take the examination score, the benchmark score of 100 points, according to the scores, rankings and so will assess the results of A, B, C of different grades, praise, rectification etc.. During the examination, to resort to deceit, false declaration, the implementation of a veto, directly included in the C level, and be criticized in the scope of xinjiang.

(commissioning editor Li Long and Han Ting)

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