"The Silk Road" in the CCTV broadcast legend

2018 years 10 months 09 days from 13:12: xinjiang daily
Original title: "the Silk Road" in the CCTV broadcast legend

8 evening, "the theme of The Belt and Road large animated television series" the Silk Road "legend", broadcast on CCTV children's channel "theater" column of the Milky Way evening prime time.

In response to the "The Belt and Road" initiative, China status of historical and cultural and social CCTV children's channel CCTV Animation Co., with, for 3 years to create a large cartoon series "legend" silk road. The film tells the story of the ancient Silk Road story, education of contemporary children to overcome difficulties, forge ahead, cherish friendship, mind the world.

"The Silk Road" the legend of the animated series first broadcast is "the Silk Road" and "legendary envoy Zhang Qian silk road map" Legend of the sea. The two animated film a total of 104 sets, respectively, tells the story of Zhang Qian in the Western Han Dynasty to the western regions, the first countries in the history of the silk road events, and the Yuan Dynasty navigator Wang Dayuan traveled afro-asian coastal history story.

The first broadcast of "the Silk Road" is the legendary envoy Zhang Qian. The film created two parallel space, is a modern, one is the ancient times, the use of high-tech elements two reasonable space conversion. As the western style and folk customs to restore the truth, a production team specifically to Gansu, Xinjiang and other places on-site field trips, collected a lot of material, so as to design rich and colorful, distinctive scenes, including the Silk Road, Tianshan Tianchi, Flaming Mountains and other famous natural landscape, melon, Karez, Kroraina City City Cultural landscape.

It is reported that the "legend" contains the ancient Silk Road China foreign exchange history, geography, humanities and social customs, etc., have a rich cultural exchanges with foreign gene, will be translated into English, Arabic and other languages in the The Belt and Road along the country spread. (Li Li)

(commissioning editor Yang Rui and Han Ting)

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