The hero will never destroy the spirit of Wang Detai (for national rejuvenation, heroic martyrs spectrum)

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Original title: the hero will never destroy the spirit of Wang Detai (for national rejuvenation, heroic martyrs spectrum)

From the north of Jilin River in Baishan City province in the source region of the sheep face at the foot of the mountain, Shijiershang climb to the mountain, a 10 meters high, the portly figure of the statue of general Wang Detai will appear in the field. General deep eyes looking into the distance, surrounded by mountain pines surging and solemn.

Wang Detai, formerly known as Wang Mingshan. Born in 1907 in Fengtian province cover Ping county (Dashiqiao city in Liaoning province Yingkou city) a poor peasant family. 1926 to tea in Yanji County of Jilin province a ditch. 1931 years after the 918 incident, and actively participate in Anti Japanese activities. The same year Chinese joined the Communist Party, served as Minister of the Organization Department of Yanji County anti imperialist alliance.

The spring of 1932, Wang Detai sent by the organization to the Yanji County three Bay do for mountain team work "the Yangtze River". 3 months to 1934 years, as the Northeast People's Revolutionary Army in the two army independent division political commissar. In March 1935, he was named the independent division. Once under the commanding made the victory of the battle against Antu county. The Communist Party of China and the eastern Manchuria Special Secretary Tong Changrong, led the creation of the East with the Anti Japanese guerrilla base. Because of the fierce battle, the first charge, people have been referred to as "the East with a tiger".

In May 1935, Wang Detai served as the Northeast People's revolutionary army commander of the second army. In March 1936, Wang Detai was appointed commander of the second army dongbeikanglian. In July of the same year, the resistance of first, second troops to the resistance of the first army, Wang Detai served as the first Northeast Army Deputy Commander and commander of the second army. And was elected member of the provincial Party committee of the Communist Party of China South manchuria.

In November 1936, Wang Detai in Fusong small Tang River battle unfortunate shot, heroic sacrifice, when he was 29 years old. In October 1982, the Municipal People's Government in the place of death of Wang Detai, the construction of the cemetery for the martyrs tombstone engraved with the "anti second army commander General Wang Detai's tomb". In September 1995, Jilin province Jiang Yuan county (now Baishan City Jiang Yuan District) people's government is built detex martyrs cemetery, plastic made a statue of general Wang Detai.

"In Wang Detai's body, embodies the Communists and the Northeast soldiers firm belief, noble patriotism and dauntless spirit of sacrifice, the spirit of eternal value beyond time and space." Vice director of Party History Research Center Long Zhigang said Jiang Yuan district. Now, there are students from all over the country and the people to cherish the memory of the martyrs cemetery of revolutionary martyrs every year. Heroic spirit forever. (Xinhua news agency, Shenyang, October 14)

(commissioning editor Yang Rui and Han Ting)

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