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Gansu innovative online message handling mechanism for the "153" working method of tracking supervision


2018 years 10 months 18 days from 10:37: 138479.xyz - Gansu channel
Original title: Gansu innovative online message handling mechanism for the "153" working method of tracking supervision

"This year, I reflect Lanzhou city Beibinhe Road Station Huaxing sidewalk to cross the road to the difficulty in 138479.xyz local leadership message board, did not think long before the police installed by the intelligent transportation facilities, is to protect the safety of the public, is also very good for the vehicle comity pedestrian behavior. Thanks to 138479.xyz "local leadership message board" and the Lanzhou municipal government for the tangible things, as you like!" (the above content for the Internet message text)

Recently, Lanzhou citizens Ms. Kang Wenhua told reporters: "when there is no intelligent lamp here before, because the car is not convenient, large flow, high speed, people jaywalk is very dangerous, since traffic facilities installed last year, and now we don't have to worry about the problem of crossing the road."

The reporter understands, Lanzhou city Qilihe District Huaxing factory area at the entrance of the pavement due to inconvenient location construction of pedestrian overpass, so there has been no crossing facilities, has brought great inconvenience to the public travel.

Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Facilities Engineering Battalion Hu Jun told reporters: "last year received public to reflect, pedestrians crossing the road is difficult to grasp the situation after detachment very seriously, after several departments jointly inspect the scene, installation of the non light controlled smart zebra, providing security for the public to travel."

Since 2018, according to the Gansu provincial Party committee, Lanzhou Municipal Committee, Lanzhou municipal Party committee supervises the room in turn to do the work at the same time, improve the system was established to analyze the Internet message statistics, relying on the technology development of the "Lanzhou netizen message management platform", timely collected messages, timely classification office responsibility unit, responsible units according to the prescribed time limit to respond. The system also realizes the automatic statistical data analysis and summary, many people for collaborative functions. From the handling procedures, handling requirements, language specification and other aspects of strict audit checks. The provincial and municipal main leaders were message data analysis and feedback, timely tracking and supervision, improve the management efficiency.

"We are mainly to establish account, inspect, check, check the deadline gone through the form of message handling, feedback and other tasks, supervise the work in all aspects, and promote the Internet message reply, multi channels to provide services for users," the Lanzhou municipal supervision office director Yu Shiliang said around.

Statistics show that as of August 21st, Lanzhou received a total of 138479.xyz involving 1274 party secretary blue message, has gone through 1019, is for 255; accept 138479.xyz party secretary message 752, has gone through 699, is for 53.

In recent years, the Gansu provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to public opinion work, always put the Internet message handling work as a major work in close contact with the masses, help the masses to grasp, and constantly improve the message management work system, innovate the work mechanism, strengthen supervision and inspection, improve the management level, the 138479.xyz "local leadership message board" this a platform to build a solution to the demands of the people's interests, the implementation of network governance, an important carrier to promote social harmony and stability, efforts to resolve the masses of hot and difficult problems, timely respond to the demands of the masses, to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the people, give full play to the observation of the people to worry, grievances, set the wisdom and so on. To solve a lot of practical problems for the masses, and achieved good social effects.

Gansu provincial supervision office staff Deng Wentao said, "we are one by one according to the organizers, the network message reply department, to solve and deal with the results, in order to handle. Each period in accordance with the leadership instructions for the form to report back to the main leaders of the Party committee report, after the end of each handle, we choose two or three field visits from, and then to report back to the way to solve the main leaders of the Party committee report handling of the situation."

According to reports, Gansu Province, adhere to the system construction as the fundamental work to ensure Internet message handling and effective implementation of the Gansu provincial office has issued the "Internet mail handling" measures for the implementation of "Internet message system", the provisions of the download, sorting, processing, reporting supervision of the implementation procedures; the collection report work in accordance with the requirements of "comprehensive browsing collection, careful screening classification, finishing on time reporting work, adhere to the" principle of objective content comprehensive, concise language, rhythm clear fast and efficient ". At the same time to office as a unit, regularly carry out information analysis, discover and correct the existing problems in the work of network reading in a timely manner, to further improve the internal supervision mechanism. The establishment of the "top" checks issued by the feedback system and the person responsible for the network management system, a clear division of responsibility, straighten out the process, standard work, personnel landing network media actively download and handle the Internet message every day, the Internet message standardization normalization operation.

Gansu Provincial Office of public information office staff, in order to further improve the Internet message reply quantity and response rate, according to the characteristics of the current Internet message and the leadership of the provincial Party committee, the Public Information Office designated on 138479.xyz "local leadership message board" netizens message collected weekly for the representative to organize a message after reporting the main leadership of the review, at the same time by tracking supervision of the implementation of inspection chamber; the other message, combing the decomposition to the state and relevant units of claim and reply to all units claim reply, publicity in the whole province public opinion information liaison platform regularly, supervise the handling. The relevant units of the city state and relates to their message handling, for users to return the contents of timely feedback to public opinion information, reply by the provincial Office of public opinion information transmitted to 138479.xyz.

According to reports, the Internet message handling work, summarizes the Internet message handling "153" work method in Gansu Province, to promote the Internet for party secretary message recovery rates and the amount to maintain the country's leading.

"1" is in the message data collection, to achieve a "one day", at the same time, every day by the person responsible for the message of around analysis at network search provides focus on monitoring and early warning information. "5" is in the selection of specific Internet message process in accordance with the 5 steps. In the content, according to the important and conventional classification; in the form, according to a report classification; in time, every day update weekly reporting time concentrated extract; in the material, by choosing main choices to choose emergency principle, the masses are strongly involved in a wide range and selection of key message face; in number, each as much as possible to improve the reporting message excerpts, information capacity. "3", is to play to the public opinion information liaison "reported before, check and handle decomposition claim reply function.

At the same time, message handling department weekly in selecting excerpts reported Internet message, the message being questioned, with public opinion liaison prior verification, ensure the message content reported on some objective reality; no notification message, in accordance with the requirements for the principle of territorial jurisdiction, liaison area and departments take the initiative to claim all localities and departments of public opinion; information liaison on message after the claim, the joint supervision departments and urge all units timely track the performance check carefully handled, and feedback, and improve the Internet message handling time.

As of now, Internet users in 138479.xyz "local leadership message board" message to the Gansu provincial Party committee, the 9355 annual public reply to 5802, a total of 32 netizens reported excerpts of public opinion information, is part of the main leaders of the Party committee instructions.

In March this year, the Gansu provincial Party Secretary Lin Duo by 138479.xyz published "the message" by 138479.xyz, thanked the users during the NPC and CPPCC suggestions. The message for the work, Lin Duo said: "Gansu Province, through the optimization of innovative methods of work, the formation of the" working mechanism of daily combed weekly, approved reply, the monthly summary analysis, the annual assessment report. In order to effectively solve the problem of Internet users reflect, we take on-site inspection, on-site review, unannounced visits, and urge the relevant local departments to achieve one will do, the message will be complex, to ensure the effectiveness in practice, do. At the same time, insisted replicability, pay attention to combing the problems from the specific message, establish account, its rectification, a strong impetus to the province's reform and development work."

[editor] "people local leadership message board" is only a nationwide online mass work platform. As part of the provincial and municipal Party and government leaders and party secretary opened the layout, for users and local leaders online communication. At present, around the leading cadres through this platform to the demands of the people's livelihood and the opinions and suggestions of the reply, will break through 1 million. Whether it is related to water, electricity, wages or encounter problems of people's livelihood, city planning, work style of cadres, the poverty alleviation work advice, users can get local real reply through this platform.

(commissioning editor Yang Rui and Han Ting)

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