Good care of the children bright eyes (people's Commentary)

2018 years 10 months 22 days from 09:52: - People's daily

When all the people to care for the children with a heart of love, personal growth, you will find the way of solving problems.

Some children playing mobile phone game addiction, spare time almost cannot do without mobile phone; some teacher assignments are highly dependent on the tablet computer, make it become the carrier of "sea tactical"; some of the campus informationization construction, even had hands-on extracurricular practice brains also cannot do without display...... With all kinds of electronic products, the rapid popularization of mobile terminal, the children's vision health facing a new threat. Recently, the children eyesight protection issue, once again triggered a public discussion.

Some people predicted that the rapid development of Internet and information technology, will affect a generation or several generations of children's vision health. Research shows that in 2000, about 1 billion 406 million people worldwide have myopia, 22.9% of the world's population, is expected in 2050 will increase to 4 billion 758 million, accounting for 49.8% of the world's population will grow by about 2 times 50 years. This year 6 month, National Health Commission informed the Chinese children and adolescents' myopia rate has been ranked first in the world. According to the Peking University released the "national visual health report", if there is no policy intervention, to 2020 years, China's population of myopia is likely to exceed 7 million people. Facing the problem of myopia in children and adolescents younger age, severe and quick development and deep level of the trend, not long ago, the Ministry of education and other 8 departments issued a "comprehensive prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents plan", aims to strengthen the prevention and control of juvenile myopia in children.

In reality, whether the child should not have contact with the mobile phone, electronic products, homework is not reasonable, has become many educators and parents confused. Some of the Internet plus education "and" education + electronic products "warm, think this is the only way which must be passed to improve the teaching efficiency, the implementation of personalized teaching, not only helps to release the teachers" teaching productivity ", also can realize the timely assessment of teaching effect; some people choose to refuse, the influence of concentration, even children addicted to online, mobile phone and other items will be out of the outside of the classroom. In France, for example, parliament has introduced legislation banning, kindergarten, primary school and junior high school students on campus to use mobile phone, tablet computer, smart watches and other equipment with network function. So, we can find ways to reconcile, weaknesses, the use of electronic products to explore the teaching process in the reasonable way? The answer lies in the "degree".

How to solve the problem of "degree"? This relates to schools, parents and related businesses attitude. For teachers, the scientific attitude is the rational use of electronic products, rather than completely subvert the traditional teaching mode; for parents, should look at new things with an open and inclusive mind and vision of development, together with the children and finding ways to use electronic products; the electronic products producers, from the real conducive to the healthy growth of the next generation, auxiliary teaching of design more conscience products.

Attitude also reflects the temperature of education. When all the people to care for the children with a heart of love, personal growth, you will find the way of solving problems. The teachers of students with attention to the conditions of the eyes, loved the way to teach children to master the scientific methods for eye; electronic products manufacturers in addition to considering the profit, more in the next generation of the perspective of the whole society; effectively reverse the tendency of "heavy intellectual light sports", "false start" change "Chaogang learning mentality, establish a correct view of talent cultivation...... In this way, we will be able to form a cohesive force, and create a better environment for the growth of healthy children.

Doctors remind, method of preventing myopia is the most important, is to encourage children to go outside, embrace the nature, let the eyes of trees, the blue sky, singing birds and dewdrops. Action, pay more attention to children's eye health problem, we can take care of the children bright eyes. (Zhao Ena)

(commissioning editor Zhou Qianlang and Han Ting)

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