In ancient times the shuttle

From 12:50 on October 29, 2018: xinjiang daily
Original title: South of the ancient city of time travel

Into the Xinjiang Kashi city gate, was first attracted a tea shop. I saw the visitors by twos and threes sitting in the sunshade drink tea and chat.

Walked into the small courtyard, the oncoming is a sweet Han girl from Sichuan Zhang Saxia of 26 years old, she was in Chengdu opened an English training school, to the ancient city of Kashi tourism have been deeply attracted.

One person alone to do business in Kashi, Zhang Sasha paid a lot of hardships, but also gain a lot. "This is a bag of fruit, the neighbor Tajik eldest send; these drawings on the wall, is next to the store to help me Zulipu Uygur uncle pottery painting......" A small tea shop, behind the background of national gathering together.

The city of Zhang Saxia, has always been the intersection of eastern and Western civilizations, but also the Chinese ethnic fusion of. Starting in mid eighth Century, the Empire of Arabia rise and gradually with the Tang Dynasty based on the Tibetan Plateau bordering the Tubo Dynasty is entering the peak period, three of the intersection, it is Kashi.

Walking in the city streets, a passionate folk music suddenly sounded. The three storey building -- "Guri reporter mother came to a distinctive home".

The small building is a typical Uygur traditional style, the table stood on the nuts, everywhere silk Aidelaisi lit up the courtyard. Here visitors can visit free pictures, spend 30 yuan can enjoy fruits in the hospital.

31 year old Sharamatiguri C, who is a scenic city guide. In March 2017, she established the first visiting tourist spots in the city after the transformation, and allow more tourists into the city residents' daily life.

"Now is the tourist season, the daily income in more than 1000 yuan!" Sarah Methi Guli said.

Ablimiti Shawati is the "Kashi AI sahan Uygur musical instrument manufacturing line" fifth generation, often to attend the fair in Shenzhen International Exhibition and exchange. He said, now more and more tourists, business is getting better and better, but also can introduce the national musical instruments in the city, I hope the government to help them out of Xinjiang, to Beijing, Shanghai and other places more publicity, to do business.

"Although Kashi is located in the northwest edge, but also is a big beneficiary of the reform and opening up, believe that the ancient city of charm in the new era along the" The Belt and Road 'emissions." Ablimiti Sago said. (according to Xinhua news agency, Urumqi, October 28)

(commissioning editor Yang Rui and Han Ting)

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