"Warm feelings for the people in the service station

From 12:55 on October 29, 2018: xinjiang daily
Original title: "warm feelings for the people in the service station

10 15 April, Urumqi shayibake furnace Street area administrative committee and the Pingqiao community college seniors, have received the community "for the people service station sent the elderly slip hiking shoes. "I usually love and old neighbors in the area surrounding the walking fitness, Chongyang Festival received such a gift, they are warm hearts." Community residents Luo Zhengping said.

Residents said the "public service station", by the Urumqi Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security in the community to visit Hui Ju work team set up a united community, since settled in the community since the work team and community ningchengyigusheng, actively play their own advantages, through the establishment of long-term mechanism to serve the people, to do careful and meticulous work of serving the masses.

The Pingqiao community and the first secretary, visit Hui Ju work team leader Tang Xiaoyi introduced, "public service station", to promote the implementation of the party's social security, medical care, employment Huimin Huimin Huimin policy as the focus, in the week, month, quarter and year "in different time point, carry out rich and colorful activities, listen to the residents demands, establish long-term mechanism to serve the people.

Tang Xiaoyi said, "for the people service station" weekly payment of all kinds of newspapers and journals for the residents, the transfer of the farmer friendly policy of the party; and provide social security policy consultation, employment registration and other services for residents; "public service station" monthly lectures, carry out social security Huimin policy propaganda activities, each quarter to carry out large-scale clinic. At the same time, the establishment of health records for the residents, in addition to the implementation of medical waste management policy; United Urumqi talent market, at least annually held in the area a "send jobs into the community recruitment to the area without employment personnel work, employment assistance services.

Community residents teach ERON is a warm-hearted man, heard that the neighbor's daughter Amina Abletkon to graduate to find a job, then to Tang Xiaoyi talk about it. Not long, "organized a recruitment for the civil service station", 21 residents to help Amina, to find a suitable job. Community residents Joliepanruz Guli and daughter at the fair to find a job, "my daughter to the street health center work, is a nurse. Now we are a family of 5 people have a stable job, very good." In October 15th, Cholipan Ruzi happily told reporters.

In the "public service station" on the wall, hung a table to complete the task, each task in the table represents the common aspiration of area residents. The Pearl River Park area is the old district within the jurisdiction of a lack of management, weak infrastructure, road disrepair and uneven, the residents to improve the living environment of the urgent desire. With the form of a task completed, district residents smile more and more.

"Work team for our residents to do a lot of good work, we plot in the flat, green environment is good, the previous few buildings without gas pass gas, everyone was very happy." Speaking of changes in the Pearl River Park area residents, smiling Alim Tail.

At the beginning of this year, the community residents Wu Xiaoyuan 3 year old daughter suddenly found seriously ill, when one family is unable to do anything, "public service station" for her daughter to organize a fundraiser to help them through the difficulties. Living in such a community full of love, I feel very happy." Wu Xiaoyuan said.

"Public service station" in addition to charity and public welfare donation, barber, student and other activities. Each month and hospital to community residents to regular physical examination. This small service station is really convenient and warm heart." Jiao Yulong said. (Gaowa)

(commissioning editor Yang Rui and Han Ting)

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