Guangdong Yuanjiang: "open" people's livelihood "escort"

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Original title: Guangdong Yuanjiang: "open" people's livelihood "escort"

"My home is in the Bazi Jiang Xiang Ke Hu Luqi the Klub village, there are 5 people in my family, only 4 acres of land, is the village of poor households filing riser. To work, my salary from the arrival of 1500 yuan rose to 2500 yuan now, a migrant workers, the whole family out of poverty." In October 28th, Xinjiang Jiashi County Industrial SME incubators Wang Tai Hing national dress Co. clothing production line busy Hazguri Ahsan told reporters.

Shufu county rural poor households Shayihancun meters over the Nurbiam Egeti in Kashi International Economic Cooperation Zone in Jiashi Jincheng Garment Co. Ltd. to work more than 1 years, had some savings, now she is in the vicinity of the enterprise to open a restaurant, a monthly income of more than 10 thousand yuan.

Hay Zhiguri and Nur Biyamu gratifying change, thanks to the Guangdong Yuanjiang in front of the headquarters of Kashi's effort to aid. For the recipient to the masses Road narrow, illness risk situation, Guangdong Yuanjiang command more initiatives for the masses recipient to "open", through the employment of medical groups such as the health of the masses "escort", and achieved good results.

Guangdong Yuanjiang in front of the headquarters to promote employment by industry Yuanjiang, help Kashi area of poverty alleviation. Since 2017, Guangdong Yuanjiang in front of the headquarters to increase industrial Yuanjiang efforts, the construction of the Kashi International Economic Cooperation Zone, industrial incubators Industrial Park of small and medium sized enterprises. The introduction of the industrial park enterprises absorb the poor employment priority. In order to facilitate the family to take care of the villagers nearby employment, industrial park enterprises also built satellite factory in the village. The factory has been built 43 satellite, the introduction of electronic factory, garment factory and other 38 projects, to absorb 899 impoverished population stable employment, per capita monthly salary of 1050 yuan. Xinjiang Yu Feng Ling Garment Co. Ltd. we built in Shufu County town of Cusack Tuowanke village Wu Cusack satellite factory, 96 villagers foot including 44 poor families, labor out of the village, can increase the income of migrant workers.

The construction of industrial parks and satellite factories, greatly enhance the overall employment environment of the recipient. Since 2017, creating 12 thousand jobs, has achieved a stable employment of more than 5000 people, of which 3100 poor families of labor.

Guangdong Yuanjiang in front of the headquarters in Jiashi County, Shufu County, the Corps third division Tumushuke, take the way of medical groups to provide quality services for the local people, reduce the medical burden of poor families, the implementation of reconstruction of front and rear linkage resource sharing, the establishment of the hospital bag department, district Health Center for twinning, only 2017 training recipient health technical personnel more than 6000 people, the diagnosis and treatment of patients with 14 thousand and 500 people.

In October 29th, public health mobile service platform in Shufu County town of Rostock Zach Iran to the village doctors what wood gulinuer - open your mobile phone on the PA Zi force by the Guangdong Yuanjiang doctors to help the development of health information. See the village 2342 villagers. The same day, Ecomcz Ameti suffering from hypertension of poor households do physical examination, Guli Nur according to the prompt information of public health mobile business platform, home blood pressure for her, and the medication guide. In the village the village doctors in patients with chronic disease, as long as every mobile phone, can not leak a person to return. A chronic disease, can enjoy a personalized medical service.

In Jiashi County, Guangdong Yuanjiang in front of the headquarters to carry out exploration "groups Alliance Medical Yuanjiang mode, select experienced medical experts, will help Jiashi County People's Hospital Department of orthopedics, gynecology, ophthalmology, neurology and Department of traditional Chinese medicine into local specialties, improve the level of medical treatment. Guangdong city of Foshan province Yuanjiang work team also raised 500 thousand yuan donation, in the county to carry out the "bright line" activities, "sunset red" function of pelvic floor rehabilitation action, for the difficulties of the masses for free treatment of diseases.

Guangdong Yuanjiang in front of the headquarters and the project funds to the tilt to the grassroots and people's livelihood arrangements in the development of industry, employment, education, medical and agricultural infrastructure, poverty alleviation and Anju Fu and other areas of people's livelihood funds accounted for more than 90% of the total capital of the plate, the genuineness is the recipient of the people to do good things, let the masses feel to get tangible benefits. (Li Daozhong)

(commissioning editor Yang Rui and Ma Liang)

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