"The hub" Xinjiang Alashankou city transformation: 40 years of reform and opening up

An "sleepless port" links the two seas

Reporter Hu Renba

In November 2018 02, from 17:09: 138479.xyz - Xinjiang channel

"Winter frozen head, summer sun oil, wind stone run, gale dead cattle." Xinjiang Alashankou to the year 8 "wind" rhyme more than 100 days, was known as the air door. Walking in the high streets and back lanes everywhere, wind mark, every tree newly planted have three sticks as a windbreak bracket.

When a track, a pipeline, a route carrying the reform and opening up "The Belt and Road" spring breeze, blowing in the air of Gobi, then no human habitation Gobi, ushered in the railway, highway and air pipeline, four transportation modes of both the national first class port, has become one of the most the most busy young's largest land port city.

"People always with the times, never stop the pace of reform and innovation." Alashankou fully protected city party secretary, deputy secretary of the Party committee, district management committee director Di Yongjiang said, "here is integrated into the Silk Road Economic Belt", link up two domestic and two foreign markets, the Atlantic and the Pacific Economic Center, a stream of people, logistics, information flow, capital flow and distribution channels and bear the strategic task of China and Europe, Central Asia, Russia and other trade.

"Along the way" the first pipeline"

Step into the "million tons of times"

6 month 7 day, sunny weather, alashankou. West Pipeline Alashankou oil station in the station control room Engineer Wang Xiao busy scheduling table, controls the Central Asia region of the first stage of transnational strategic import crude oil pipeline monitoring system.

In July 25, 2006 a successful production of this pipeline, is the first strategic level transnational China crude oil in Central Asia across the commercial operation of the import pipeline.

It is west of Kazakhstan's Caspian oil city of Atyrau, Kenya via G, Kum Kerr and the Atasu Kazakhstan border end point this pipeline station, a total length of more than 2800 kilometers, known as the "The Belt and Road 'first pipeline".

As China Kazakhstan crude oil pipeline at a single line of the leading station, the first station undertakes Alashankou oil pipeline to receive Kazakhstan oil, an important mission and transportation of crude oil to a single line length of 246 kilometers, charged with the import of energy metering, medium pressure to the lower reaches of the main responsibility.

Wang Xiao and his players adhere to the "standardization, refinement, standardization of work principle, the spirit of" devotion of energy, create a harmonious "business purpose, to comply with the basic task of building" safe, green and harmonious "pipeline, improve safety management level. In 12 years, the system is safe, stable and efficient operation, crude oil is increasing year by year.

"March 2017 29 day morning, the site from the border line of 2.2 kilometers, dozens of Kazakhstan staff had gathered here at 11:58 on the morning Beijing time, the scene on the screen out of" 100000000 tons "." Wang Xiao recalled the "The Belt and Road first" pipeline "formally entered" tons era "of the spectacular scenes that is full of excitement.," which is equivalent to 2016 China's crude oil output of about half of the."

And when a reporter on 7 June, the relevant departments understand the situation of crude oil pipeline again, statistical data obtained is: 2017, the annual import volume of a new high, to achieve China pipeline 12 million 308 thousand and 200 tons of crude oil in Kazakhstan crude oil pipeline, the value of $4 billion 385 million, an increase of 23.16% and 60.51% respectively.

According to reports, Kazakhstan crude oil pipeline crude oil imports 2017 years of growth, mainly by the beginning of the 2017 year of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) affected members of unified production, crude oil prices continue to rise, the value of crude oil pipeline growth rate significantly higher than the weight growth, prompting foreign exports improve the oil pipeline.

This is known as the cradle of western pipeline for cultivating talents, not only cultivate a group of outstanding talent, a lot of people has become the backbone of the business of Western pipeline. The Kazakhstan oil pipeline has become the focus of the local tax item company in one of the enterprises, only in 2016 to Kazakhstan to pay various taxes and fees totaling more than $350 million, but also created a number of long-term local jobs.

The clearance time is only 30 minutes

The entry and exit of central trains to break the 5000 column

The development of a port is a mirror, reflecting the change of the local economy, society and people's lives. "My main handle sent to Germany and Poland central trains customs operations." 8 pm, Alashankou Jiean Logistics Limited company clerk Zhang Xiafei took a piece he handled three days before central trains waybill. Shown above the shipping station for the city of Chongqing unity village train station, air way to iron, iron, iron, Hatie Russia Belarus, finally arrived in Poland.

"At that time, the car to the port for 4 days Beijing time 19:43 PM, with tickets at 21:43 PM, 23:20 PM customs clearance, the railway at 23:50 PM, departure time for the June 5th at 17:50 pm." Zhang Xiafei said that since April 20th this year, the port inspection and quarantine management responsibilities and team into the customs, immigration, port line inspection and post window unification posts, unified customs uniforms, wear the uniform customs title after the earliest at 5:30 in the morning in Alashankou customs office before central trains exit formalities. And, before the customs inspection and Quarantine Bureau office and the two units are not in the same place, the clerk to go to two places, spend more time. Now in the same place can be handled, and a lot of convenience.

Zhang Xiafei is engaged in the inspection work has been nearly 2 years, from the original to a number of departments, prepare multiple sets of data, the need for a whole day or even longer time to go through all the import and export of goods to the customs clearance process, can now only need to prepare a set of data, half an hour to go through all the customs formalities, Zhang Xiafei this endless emotion. At present, he has handled more than 400 columns in Europe trains the bills of lading.

Alashankou not only perennial gale, also the. Take the huge amount of work in such harsh natural conditions, build a Shenzhen "night", is behind the super normal pay customs.

All this can be proved by a set of data: 2/3 the customs officers at the age of 35, everyone has the time spent in the port of 2/3, the highest per capita national tax 100 million yuan......

Port no Hugh annual mean, year-round customs. According to the characteristics of railway port operation, Alashankou customs to implement the "365 days x 24 hours" of year-round clearance mode. This was to ensure that the port of import and export trade leapfrog growth at the same time, also brought a sharp rise in the amount of customs.

"The Customs seized" merger "in China, one for the average 5.44 hours' since, Alashankou customs import customs clearance time, an increase of 4.16%." Alashankou customs (former chief of Alashankou entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau Inspection Service) Yang Weijiang told reporters, since this year, the Customs seized after the merger, the entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau duties into the existing customs clearance process, such as the abolition of customs clearance, further reducing clearance links, improve the efficiency of Customs clearance, make companies feel the reform to get a sense of happiness.

When a reporter came to the Alashankou railway international multimodal transport building, a door to see the port of embedded joint office hall, the customs staff here has no system, meeting and learning activities are carried out in his spare time, work time to serve for the enterprise. In addition, they also extended through overtime work time, increase on-site duty personnel, etc. to create a holiday shift "customs clearance night harbor", to ensure that every car goods do not dump box, not in Hong kong.

Since 2011 with the Chongqing New Europe trains opened, the inland provinces have opened the Alashankou railway port to Europe's freight trains. Alashankou port has become the largest number of goods, cross-border transport efficiency of the highest international land port of our country trains throughput. According to Alashankou customs statistics, as of May 31, 2018, central trains from the port of entry and exit has exceeded 5000, reaching 5307.

5 months before this year, Alashankou customs supervision central trains 10 lines, 840, 13, European countries can reach 36 city. Only in the 5 months of this year, central trains at night release ratio reached 63%, the clearance time is only 30 minutes of central trains ran out of the "customs speed", also forced enterprises and railway sector continues to accelerate, the port residence time by an average of 23 hours 30 minutes, reduced to an average of 14 hours, 46 minutes, speed 3%.

Celebrate four years of fully protected areas

The engine is remarkable

In June 8th, the reporters came to officially closed the operation of Xinjiang for 4 years first, sixteenth national comprehensive security zone - Alashankou comprehensive bonded zone.

Here is the only cargo wide standard rail replacement of the fully protected areas, China Railway Corporation two logistics base, the Ministry of transport named multimodal international logistics park, Xinjiang is the first to achieve fully protected areas, warehouse financing lead to promote Shanghai FTA innovation system, copy the first implementation of the pilot regional integration clearance.

In the area of 5.608 square kilometers of the park, port function and FTZ function driven by the advantages of superposition based on the dividend policy, the existing Aiju Qin Jiang, Shanxiang grain, gold oil and other 460 domestic and foreign enterprises, involving logistics, grain and oil processing, oil storage processing, international trade and other industries. The fully protected areas plays an increasingly prominent role in economic engine. Especially 19 has engaged in vehicle import enterprises. As of the current total of 1160 vehicle imports, trade amounted to 332 million yuan.

The reporter interviewed the Alashankou Co. Ltd. is Huamao state-owned textile enterprises first settled in Alashankou comprehensive bonded zone. At present, a total of 7 million pounds of textile projects have all entered the stage of production, the annual output value reached 2 billion yuan.

The company's general manager Tan Liyang told reporters: "this is an important node in the city Silk Road Economic Belt core area, transport cycle is short. It has imported cotton resources in central asia. More fully protected areas in the autonomous region of the policy advantage and policy support.

The project actually takes only 235 days, quickly enter the production stage of Huamao textile, not only led to the development of local economy, but also provides nearly 300 jobs for the masses of all ethnic groups in border areas.

3 2018 6, and Pishan County, Hotan jade GUI Tibetan farmer Bbu Viv Jan Neti? Su Pu from Kunlun at the foot of the mountain down to the lake this enterprise work. Up to now, has been training not only on the drawing, and skilled operation of combing machine. Also served as the pre spinning workshop team leader.

Now, with the help of Huamao textile in Alashankou fully protected areas of raw materials, subsidies and other preferential policies of the free plant at the same time, and actively explore the domestic market, products have been exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions. Tan Liyang said: "we should make full use of Alashankou unique geographical advantages, our products will be sold to Russia and other countries, radiation throughout asia."

Fully protected areas after nearly 4 years of operation, the import and export of goods in all aspects of running smoothly, has been successfully replicated in Shanghai "free trade zone" 14 customs clearance facilitation measures, not only to expand the autonomy of enterprise reporting, reduce the number of companies reporting, accelerate the speed of business logistics, and reduce the cost of customs, for enterprises' multi batch small batch "import and export business to provide more convenience." The first settled FTZ enterprise service center business enterprise -- alsk silk Bao Network Technology Service Co. Ltd. marketing department members Li Jianxin said, enterprises landing Alashankou fully protected areas, is found here, the policy advantage.

In May 29, 2015, along with the Silk Road treasure in Alashankou settled, the Silk Road po - public service platform for cross-border electricity line operations. Chronoswiss payment system of its parent company Xinjiang run under the three party payment platform, 8 months 2012 years to become Xinjiang and northwest only a business license issued by the central bank to pay the three party payment platform. 2015 years 10 months to become the only one from northwest business license issued by the administration of cross-border payment and the three party payment platform,

As of now, the platform for online trading freedom "and" line service "organic integration features, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 200 enterprises. More and more enterprises "cooperation with us, hope to become bigger and stronger Alashankou City cross-border services." Li Jianxin said.

Today, Alashankou fully protected areas through continuous efforts, improving infrastructure, international logistics network initially formed, pulling the engine Alashankou city and local economic development is remarkable. It opened a new chapter of port opening, interoperability development, implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy, for the state of Xinjiang "Silk Road Economic Belt" core area of strategic contribution to core strength.

According to statistics, in 2018 1 to May, Alashankou fully protected areas of inbound and outbound trade amounted to 840 million US dollars, completed volume of 992 thousand tons.

(commissioning editor Yang Rui and Ma Liang)

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