Xinjiang business sector deepening tube service reform

The private economy to boost the development of high quality

In November 2018 09, from 11:17: xinjiang daily
Original title: boost private economic development with high quality

In November 7th, a business information consulting company staff in Baibula log Xinjiang industry and commerce registration of the entire electronic platform, a few minutes to help customers to complete the business name of self reporting. "Before the" pre approved by the corporate name "is a threshold for business license, just this one can take about 35 days, if the name of the enterprise audit does not have to commute through the window, waiting to spend a lot of energy. Now through the system of self reporting, time-saving." Provide business registration, tax agency services such as Zi Bai Bula's company dedicated to entrepreneurs, to deepen the business sector "management services" reform, to the enterprise brings convenience and happiness, he has deep feeling.

To promote the enterprise registration facilitation is an important part of the autonomous district administration for Industry and commerce to deepen the "tube service" reform, optimizing the business environment. This year 2 months, the Xinjiang industrial and commercial registration of the entire electronic platform is put into use, the enterprise registration online application, review, licensing from the "run up a" "do not run a". After the first photo card, "card", a simple cancellation...... In recent years, autonomous district administration for Industry and Commerce has implemented a series of reform measures, to achieve the enterprise registration from entry to exit the whole process and all aspects of facilitation, and effectively reduce the transaction costs of market system.

Business registration pre-approval directory is reduced to 32, the enterprise registration from the original 7 days compressed to within 3 working days, most of the day can be completed. "Management services" reform road widening, many private enterprises like Zi Bai Bula enterprises, enjoy the dividends of reform. The first half of this year, the Xinjiang daily registered enterprises 152, as of the end of June, Xinjiang has implemented various types of market players to more than 156.2 households.

Recently, the general secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the private enterprise forum, to reaffirm our party adhere to the "two position has always been unwavering, fully affirmed the important status and role of the private economy of our country, has made important deployment support to develop private enterprises. Deputy director of the autonomous district administration for Industry and Commerce Gao Jiandong said, conscientiously implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech to Xinjiang industrial and commercial administrative departments, the full implementation of the fair competition review, abolish unreasonable regulations for various forms of non-public ownership economy, eliminate hidden barriers, stimulate the non-public economic vitality and creativity; to strengthen the enforcement of the anti monopoly law, crack down forced transactions, additional unreasonable trading conditions restrict competition and monopoly; promote the trademark registration facilitation reform, and effectively improve the efficiency of trademark registration, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights; continue to deepen the reform of commercial system, to "cut card" to promote "streamlining", for private enterprises to create a more transparent and convenient business environment, promote the private economy high quality development. (Gaowa)

(commissioning editor Yang Rui and Han Ting)

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