On the inheritance and development in promoting the common prosperity of all nationalities in Xinjiang culture progress

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The Chinese land on the hard work of people of all ethnic groups in the exchanges together to create a glorious and resplendent Chinese civilization history. At present, the national culture of Xinjiang is in the best period in history, China Communist Party in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream journey, it led the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang to create a better life, shouldering the historical responsibility to promote the Chinese civilization new heights. Bo Ji of ancient and modern, look at the. Find the historical coordinates in the continuation of civilization, in the silent in the pursuit of diversity in heritage protection, tolerance, explore the development of civilization, to promote the prosperity and development of culture of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and the major.

The culture of Xinjiang is a treasure in the garden of Chinese culture. The Xinjiang area in the history of Chinese nation is an important component of endogenous civilization, plays an important role in promoting the national culture exchange. The history of close exchanges and ethnic culture of Xinjiang and the Central Plains culture, the elements of the Chinese civilization produced a multicultural blend, the coexistence of different cultures, geographical characteristics of the. In the long history of Chinese culture and development in the Xinjiang area Uygur, Han, Kazak, Kirgiz, Mongolia people of all nationalities long-term exchanges blend, constantly enrich the connotation of Chinese culture pluralism, become an integral part of Chinese culture. The Chinese culture has always been the culture of Xinjiang, relying on the emotional spiritual home and spiritual home, and is the power source of Xinjiang ethnic cultural development. On the one hand, the Chinese culture covers the Xinjiang region of all kinds of cultural relics, unearthed cultural relics, ancient books, intangible cultural heritage and folk culture in all areas; on the other hand, the Chinese culture provides a rich fertile soil for the contemporary Xinjiang ethnic literature and art creation, news publishing and network cultural prosperity and progress. Practice has proved that the Xinjiang ethnic culture rooted in the Chinese civilization, and Chinese culture and other main branches in harmony, flesh and blood, it made an important contribution to the formation and development of Chinese culture. Chinese culture as an integral part of the ethnic culture of Xinjiang in the new period, continue to interpret the Chinese civilization and the implications of the new characteristics of the times.

In order to inherit and carefully protect the excellent traditional culture of various nationalities in Xinjiang in the silent in the. After the founding of new Chinese, Chinese Communist Party and government attaches great importance to the excellent traditional culture of the nationalities of Xinjiang mining, inheritance and protection. Especially since the reform and opening up, the state has increased the intensity of the fine traditional culture of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang ordered inheritance and careful protection, to further enhance the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang to Chinese culture as heir pride. One of the key cultural relics, the effective protection of archaeological achievements. At present, cultural relics protection network has been basically completed in Xinjiang area, including nearly 200 institutions and nearly ten thousand cultural relics protection of cultural relics. With the continuous development of economy and society, the state of repair and protection of Gaochang site in Gucheng, the site of Gucheng Huiyuan, new and old Beiting ancient ruins and a large number of cultural relics unearthed; at the same time, star of the East Lee Chinese armguards, "Wang Hou" Jin Yi Jin is with long years of "children of other national treasures. Second, to protect all types of books and intangible cultural heritage. The establishment of specialized agencies to protect the Xinjiang ethnic ancient books has achieved remarkable results of 19 languages, 28 languages of the ancient literature, and published on the rescue of the lost "happiness and wisdom" and "Turkic dictionary" and other books. At the same time, to protect the base of national and regional level a number of non-material cultural heritage project construction; Xinjiang Uygur Muqam art, Kirgiz epic "Manasi" and other national culture was included in the UNESCO "human representative list of the intangible cultural heritage" and "the urgent need to protect the intangible cultural heritage". Third, to promote the common development of folk culture in Xinjiang. Folk culture has long historical continuity, show the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have their own characteristics of the traditional culture. All kinds of Xinjiang folk culture on the basis of development, Chinese Lantern Festival, Kirgiz "Zi Kum songfest" Mongolian "Nadam Fair", "Hui flowers" and other traditional cultural activities colorful, contests, showing the charm of bright and colorful Chinese culture.

Relying on national policies to promote the development and prosperity of the national culture of xinjiang. With the great achievements of China economic and social development since the reform and opening up, the state actively play the policy advantages, long-term implementation of preferential policies and invest a lot of resources, a strong impetus to the development and prosperity of the national culture in Xinjiang. At the same time, the strong support of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and 19 Yuanjiang provinces, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party committee and government to lead the people of all ethnic groups to work together, achieved remarkable results in promoting the development of ethnic culture in Xinjiang. First, the cultural system construction more perfect. To strengthen the cultural legislation, according to the management of culture is an important guarantee to promote the development of the ethnic culture of Xinjiang. The local government has to strengthen the construction of legal system and culture, the implementation of the cultural relics protection law, protection of non material cultural heritage, public cultural services, public libraries, the film industry promotion law, and constantly improve the legal level of cultural construction; the introduction of the implementation of "Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Ordinance" and "Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Uyghur Muqam Protection Ordinance" etc.. To lay a solid foundation for the development of the system construction of the national culture and prosperity of Xinjiang. Second, the cultural service system more perfect. For the protection of the cultural rights of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, the central and local government of Xinjiang to improve the level of public cultural services of all ethnic groups, and actively promote urban and rural equalization of public cultural services, pay attention to the construction of all kinds of cultural centers, libraries, museums, Memorial Hall, Museum of art, has formed a relatively complete system of public cultural services at all levels; and to promote the creation of the news of Xinjiang literature and Art Publishing continued prosperity, Xinjiang literature and art works of colorful, vivid display of the charm of Chinese culture; promote cultural, sports and national pharmaceutical industry strength gradually increased, the development of cultural industry system has formed a relatively complete class; and actively cultivate the vigorous development of the network culture, leading the Xinjiang region to the good good social fashion. Third, the results of the cultural services more abundant. In the national policy to promote the development of culture, culture of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and the thriving, the emergence of a large number of outstanding achievements of the representative, high quality, has become a famous world renowned dance village, great to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. In the public cultural field, Xinjiang area radio and television coverage of the population reached 97.1% and 97.4% respectively, all kinds of public cultural facilities open to the public free of charge; in the field of literary and artistic creation, the novel "the depths of the Tianshan" soldier "," poetry "," drama "mountain bazaar", "life and death" Lop Nor film etc. more than 20 works won various national awards, acrobatics "life" tour "," play buffeting bar won the international acrobatics Festival Gold Award; in the field of national medicine, Uyghur medicine, Kazakh medicine, Mongolian medicine many medicinal materials were incorporated into the national standards and relevant national standards research project.

In a word, the culture of Xinjiang modern transformation and sustainable development should take the revitalization of Chinese culture, but also rely on the party and the government's cultural undertakings and cultural industries policy escort. In the new historical period, the cultural integration of the stage, people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang should and must be able to assume their new cultural mission in cultural creation and create new prosperity, to achieve new development in the cultural progress! (Liu Haichao)

(commissioning editor Zhou Qianlang and Han Ting)

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