Hebei aid Xinjiang: "ten cities hundred shops" to help Xinjiang Bazhou get rid of poverty

At 11:45 on November 16, 2018, sources: xinjiang daily

"The Ten City hundred shops" project in Hebei province helps our cooperative products enter the Beijing Tianjin Hebei market, expand sales, and members realize their income increase, bringing hope for getting rich. Recently, Bayinguoleng Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture Huaxiang characteristic fruit planting professional cooperative director Liu Jihua said.

This year, in order to help the poor farmers and herdsmen in Bayinguoleng Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture to get rid of poverty, the front headquarters of Hebei's aid to Xinjiang work in every possible way to expand the sales of Bazhou's famous and excellent products. Ruoqiang jujube, Yanqi red wine, Yuli lamb, Luntai apricot products... Located in Yujiang Road, Cangzhou, Hebei, Xinjiang, Hebei, Xinjiang and Xinjiang special stores, Bazhou's famous specialty products are displayed on the shelves, and the people who come to buy it are in an endless stream.

Hebei province cooperation in Xinjiang, Xinjiang and Hebei specialties shop is the front command of Hebei's aid to Xinjiang and the Bazhou people's government as the starting point to guide Cangzhou's investment in Xinjiang's enterprises and social capital. The aim is to create a brand of "Xinjiang fruit bearing fruit", helping to expand the sales channels of Bazhou's famous and special products, and to increase the income of farmers and herdsmen.

In order to widen the export channels of Bazhou's famous and excellent products, solve the problem of export products and promote the employment and income increase of farmers, in 2017, the Bazhou Party committee, the government and the front command of Hebei's aid Jiang worked together to start the project of "ten cities and 100 stores", that is, through the aid of the policy of Xinjiang, the government tied the bridge, the enterprise deepened the docking, and set up at least 100 Xinjiang high-quality and characteristic agricultural products stores in Hebei's more than 10 counterparts to assist the Xinjiang city, so as to help Bazhou's famous and special products to expand the market.

In addition to the "Ten City hundred shops" project, in February of this year, the leading leaders of the Hebei provincial Xinjiang leading group also went to Hebei Xinfadi agricultural and sideline products Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xinfadi agricultural products wholesale market to investigate and promote Hebei's "Ten City 100 shops" construction and Bazhou's sales of special agricultural products. Up to now, there are 3 special agricultural products in Hebei and the surrounding wholesale markets of Beijing and Bazhou, and 284 special stores (11 counters) in Hebei. The total sales volume is 158 thousand tons and sales volume is 870 million yuan.

During the "13th Five-Year" period, Hebei province arranged 60 projects to aid the poor in Xinjiang, with a total capital of 1 billion 538 million 790 thousand yuan, accounting for 62% of all the aid to the Xinjiang in 13th Five-Year. At present, 41 aid projects have been completed and 900 million 320 thousand yuan has been invested in the aid of Xinjiang. (Yang Xiaodong)

(Editor: Zhou Qianlang, Han Ting)

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