Hebei Yuanjiang: "ten city hundreds of stores to help Xinjiang Bazhou poverty alleviation

11 month 2018 years 16 days from 11:45: xinjiang daily

"Hebei Yuanjiang ten" city 100 shop "project to help us cooperative products into Tianjin market, expand sales, Rotarians achieve income, bring the hope of getting rich." Recently, the Bayinguoleng Autonomous Prefecture of Mongolia Huaxiang fruit planting cooperatives chairman Liu Jihua said.

Since this year, the Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture of Bayinguoleng help the poor farmers out of poverty, Hebei Yuanjiang work in front of the headquarters of Bazhou famous special product sales do everything possible to expand. Ruoqiang, Yanqi red wine, red dates, apricots in Luntai Yuli mutton products...... Is located in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, Hebei Province, Yu He Lu Yuanjiang Yuanjiang Hebei cooperation, Xinjiang specialty shop, Bazhou famous specialty well-proportioned on the shelves in the public to purchase in a continuous line.

Hebei Yuanjiang Hebei Xinjiang cooperation, Xinjiang specialty shop is Hebei Yuanjiang work in front of the headquarters and the Bazhou people's Government in the "Ten City shop" as the starting point, to guide the Cangzhou Yuanjiang enterprises, social capital investment and construction, to create "Yuanjiang fruit" brand, Bazhou famous brand products help broaden sales channels and to promote the herdsmen.

In order to expand the Bazhou famous brand products sales channels, to solve the problem, the export of products to promote the farmers to increase employment, in 2017, the Bazhou government and the Hebei provincial Party committee, Yuanjiang work in front of the headquarters to jointly plan launched the "ten hundred shop" project, namely: Yuanjiang through policy guidance, government matchmaking, enterprises in depth docking. Hebei province more than 10 Yuanjiang City, opened at least 100 Xinjiang high quality agricultural products store, help Bazhou famous brand products to expand the market.

In addition to the "ten hundred shop" project, this year 2 months, Hebei Yuanjiang front main leaders also led the expedition to Hebei xinfade Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. Beijing xinfade agricultural products wholesale market, to promote the "ten Hebei city 100 shop construction and characteristics of Bazhou agricultural products sales in matchmaking, signed a strategic cooperation agreement" build "Hebei Xinjiang cooperation zone - Bazhou characteristic agricultural products sales center". As of now, in Hebei and the surrounding Beijing and Tianjin large wholesale market to establish sales of characteristic agricultural products in Bazhou area 3, Hebei 11 districts and cities to open stores (counters) 284, total sales of 158 thousand tons, sales of 870 million yuan.

Thirteen five period, Hebei province has organized a total of Yuanjiang poverty alleviation project 60, capital of 153879 million yuan, accounting for 45 All Yuanjiang funds 62%. At present, has completed the Yuanjiang poverty alleviation projects 41, invested 900 million 320 thousand yuan of funds Yuanjiang, effectively promote the recipient to get rid of poverty. (Yang Xiaodong)

(commissioning editor Zhou Qianlang and Han Ting)

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