Green finance boosts the green development of Xinjiang's economy

As of the end of September 2018, the green credit balance of the 3 pilot areas was 34 billion 387 million yuan, accounting for 17.79% of the total loans.

At 12:41 on November 16, 2018, sources: Urumqi Evening News

Xinjiang's green financial reform and innovation pilot area has achieved initial success in financial services innovation, and green financial products show a trend of flowering.

Statistics show that as of the end of September 2018, 3 green finance reform pilot area green credit balance of 34 billion 387 million yuan, accounting for 17.79% of the total loans. In addition, breakthroughs have been made in financial products such as environmental pollution liability insurance, green industry investment guidance fund, and so on.

In November 15th, reporters learned from the office of the leading group of green finance reform and innovation pilot area in Xinjiang, and put forward the general idea of "one core, two wheels driving and three major layouts" for the transformation of green economy. Xinjiang put forward the idea of "one core, two wheels driving, and two major layouts". "One core" means green low carbon technology as the core of economic green transformation. "Two wheel drive" is the two major strategies for transforming traditional industries and cultivating new green technology industries. The three layout is based on the division of main functional areas, and the main carrier of urbanization in Xinjiang is the urbanization area, the main producing areas of agricultural products and key ecological function areas.

"Green economy is the starting point and end point of constructing green financial system. Only by putting forward the path of economic green transformation can we develop green finance. Over the past year, the three pilot areas have been insisting on "grasping two hands", grasping the transformation of green economy and grasping the innovation of financial services. Guo Jianwei, director of the leading group office of Xinjiang green finance reform and innovation pilot area, and governor of Urumqi sub branch of the people's Bank of China, said.

It is understood that Xinjiang has pioneered the establishment of green project library management system in 8 pilot areas nationwide, unified the green project support standards, improved the accuracy of green financial services green industry, and accelerated the green financial resources to the green industry and green industry. In June last year, Hami, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture and Karamay were approved by the State Council to set up a green financial reform and innovation pilot area. As of the end of September this year, 368 green green projects were included in the green project database in the 3 pilot areas.

In terms of financial services, Xinjiang has intensified the incentive and guidance role of monetary policy tools such as green finance refinancing, green bill rediscount business and so on. It has organized the establishment of Xinjiang green finance industry self-regulation mechanism, and promoted the implementation of financial institutions' "green business not only to rise but not to decline green business".

"With the support of green credit, our two green projects are progressing smoothly. It is estimated that the water-saving rate of this year's water saving project can reach 15%, and the water saving amount will reach 35 thousand tons. Xinjiang Guanghui new energy Co., Ltd. technician Cui Pengcheng said. At the beginning of this year, on the methanol production line, Xinjiang Guanghui new energy limited company implemented a sewage system renovation project and a water-saving project. The smooth implementation of the project is inseparable from the support of Hami commercial bank's green credit. This loan is not only lending fast, but also 3.63 percentage points lower than the ordinary loan. (Wang Lili)

(Editor: Zhou Qianlang, Han Ting)

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