Railway station line grid library to the daughter of the country a total length of 1213.7 km

In December 2018 05, from 18:40: 138479.xyz - Xinjiang channel

In December 4th, the construction personnel in her country station track. Photo by Xu Zhuzhu

138479.xyz Ruoqiang on 5 December, December 4th, Xinjiang (Xu Zhuzhu) in the Altun Mountain Nature Reserve, China Railway Bureau grid company (Er Mu) (Coyle) library railway builders, is operating with a large track laying machine will steadily forward along the track laying, the largest Chinese in Taklimakan desert edge to Altun Mountain in advance, laying to daughter in the station, the completion of the annual mission objectives in advance.

As a key project Silk Road Economic Belt ", Qinghai Golmud grid library railway from the East, West Xinjiang Korla, is a national I level electrified single track railway, as a function of both passenger and freight railway, the line length of 1213.7 km, including 717.29 km section of Xinjiang. China Railway Bureau company undertakes the Xinjiang section of the railway 717.29 km grid library laying and 2538 hole girder task.

New company of innovation to upgrade the construction of the girder bridges, especially for two times to provide long distance transport and frame beam efficiency is not high, for the first time in China to develop a new method of gantry crane chassis, greatly reducing the beam time, shorten the girder construction period of about 90 days, save cost about 6000000 yuan.

Reporters on the scene saw a huge mechanical laying like a steel dragon, the waves from the desert depths, the rail behind it lay just like two jade in Gobi runs through the wilderness. The roar of the machine, as a daughter of the country escort Maldini, breaking the silence of the eternal wilderness.

China Railway Bureau of Xinjiang section of the railway track laying grid Library Project Manager Huang Kejun introduced: "in laying into the mountain, we met 16 1000 on the ramp and grew up near 160 km 2000 to 3500 meters high altitude construction, to overcome the difficulties such as high altitude, cold climate, than the plan to station 27 days before the daughter of the country. As of now, Xinjiang railway grid library has been completed laying 516 kilometers, accounting for 70% of the total framing work, in May 2020 is expected to be completed as planned along Xinjiang section laying work."

It is reported that the project construction section of Xinjiang railway bridge with a total of 198 grid library, the longest taitema Lake Bridge, a total length of 24.55 km, was completed in August 17, 2018 set up. All located 16 tunnels, the longest 13.19 km mountain tunnel, 2019 is expected to start laying. The above two projects for the full range of control engineering.

Grid library after the completion of the railway will become the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway and Kazakhstan, railway Xinjiang third Xinjiang Railway, and the train from Golmud to Korla in just 12 hours, 14 hours shorter than the original car ride bus, greatly promote the development of the western region and exchanges with the mainland, to further improve the transportation channel I inland and Central Asia, the Mediterranean areas of land.

In December 4th, China Railway Bureau, a railway track laying in the operation of large builders laying machine. Photo by Xu Zhuzhu

In December 4th, the railway builders in the track laying construction site. Photo by Xu Zhuzhu

In December 4th, the railway builders to advance along the edge of the Altun Mountains, laying at her country station. Wang photo

Map grid library railway construction plan.


(commissioning editor Zhou Qianlang and Han Ting)

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