Shandong's "touch screen and accessible" telemedicine benefits the local people

December 2018 05, 12:57, source: People's Network - Xinjiang channel

Medical staff in Shule County People's Hospital and Shandong provincial experts for remote consultation. Xu Zhuzhu photo

People's daily, Kashi, December, 5 (Xu Zhuzhu) "there are experts from Shandong who are in charge of remote communication with us. They are not afraid anymore." Chen Yao, director of Department of Endocrinology, Shule people's Hospital, Kashi District, Xinjiang, said.

In November 17th, the reporter arrived at the remote consultation and treatment center of Shule County People's Hospital in Kashi area. The bright and bright display was displayed in front of the eyes. Local doctors through face-to-face communication with Shandong Hospital experts through Internet technology to achieve "zero" distance interaction, and Shandong medical aid Yuanjiang trained a team of talented people who could not take away the place.

"Every time we train experts, we will choose different subjects and give us a typical case, which will help us in our practical work." Chen Yao told reporters that before the diagnosis is not clear, there will be "Guessing" the habit of treatment, now experts have come to improve our diagnostic rate, treatment is more precise.

Wu Feng, President of Shule County People's Hospital, said: "as long as there are Xinjiang experts to teach remotely, everyone takes the initiative to study, and the general enthusiasm is very high. In view of our relatively weak foundation, through this remote consultation and communication, the treatment level of local medical personnel has been greatly improved."

"Problems that you don't understand can be booked in advance by experts. For specific cases, give us an analysis and answer. After their explanation, I have gained a lot in treatment, diagnosis and medication. Though thousands of miles away, we feel that they are on our side through regular remote communication. " Shule County People's hospital medical staff said.

The experts from Shandong province have actively carried out 21 in hospital, out of hospital and long-distance training, and the number of training has reached 15000. In October 16, 2018, Li Guanzhen, director of the Shandong provincial hospital policy and regulations, is currently the president of the Kashi regional pulmonary hospital. He participated in the mobilization meeting of tuberculosis prevention and control held by the local Communist Youth League. Through distance training to the village and community level, there were more than 1400 sub sessions, with a total number of over 13000 people.

Li Guanzhen said: "through telemedicine consultation, we can not only improve the mechanism of" sending and helping others ", but also improve the level of medical care and medical quality of local hospitals, ensure their medical safety and make our people more convenient, timely and effective in the process of seeking medical treatment.

In view of the weak technical force in hospitals and grass-roots medical institutions in Kashi, the lack of health care system and the urgent need for technical support from the mainland, it is proposed to apply for the establishment of Shandong (Kashi) medical and health big data management platform, so as to realize the interconnection and interconnection of information between the major hospitals in the region and Shandong, and achieve "Internet plus medical treatment", remote teaching, remote rounds, remote consultation, remote outpatient service, remote operation demonstration and observation, so as to truly realize the sharing of medical information with Shandong and other mainland medical technologies. It is estimated that 3 million of the funds will be invested in infrastructure construction.

It is understood that since the launch of the new round of counterpart assistance work in 2010, Shandong has invested more than 3.2 billion yuan in medical and health care. A total of 539 medical personnel have been sent to Xinjiang to carry out medical and health work. The cumulative number of patients has exceeded 260 thousand times, and more than 20 thousand operations have been made, which has made great contributions to improving the technology of recipient areas and the development of local medical and health services.

According to the arrangement of the Central Organization Department, the Shandong provincial counterparts supported the Kashi regional pulmonary hospital. In September 2018, according to the needs of the Pulmonary Hospital, 12 experts were selected from 8 "Three Class A hospitals" in Shandong Province, including eight groups, including management, tuberculosis, Department of Cardiology, bronchoscopy, Radiology, ultrasound, nursing, and knot prevention, and so on. They made efforts to build three key disciplines, namely, tuberculosis, respiratory diseases and minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment centers for pulmonary diseases, and set up clinical skills training center for pulmonary hospitals in Kashi.

In addition, the Shandong command of Xinjiang attaches great importance to the high incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in Kashi. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, 1 million 400 thousand yuan, 1000 yuan and 11 million 500 thousand yuan were invested in the 4 counties and 17 townships in Shandong to implement a pilot project for TB control.

(Editor: Zhou Qianlang, Han Ting)

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