Shandong Yuanjiang "touch screen and remote medical benefit of local people

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The medical staff in Shule County People's Hospital and Shandong Yuanjiang experts for remote consultation. Photo by Xu Zhuzhu Kashi on 5 December, (Xu Zhuzhu) "Shandong Yuanjiang expert and we communicate, encounter problems not afraid anymore." Xinjiang Kashi area Shule County People's Hospital Department of Endocrinology director Chen Yao said.

In November 17th, the reporter arrived at the Shule County People's Hospital of Kashi area remote consultation treatment center, large bright screen display in front of the local doctor, through Internet technology, directly with the Shandong Province Hospital experts face to face communication, to achieve zero distance interaction, Shandong Province medical Yuanjiang to train a local not take talent fall.

"When we give each Yuanjiang expert training, will choose a different theme, with the typical case to tell us, this special help for our actual work." Chen Yao told reporters, before the diagnosis is not clear, there will be a "guess" cure habit, now experts, to improve our diagnosis and treatment is also more accurate.

Shule County People's Hospital, Wu Feng said: "as long as the Yuanjiang expert teleclasses, everyone come to active learning, common enthusiasm is very high, we according to the situation of weak foundation, through the remote consultation and communication, greatly improve the treatment level of local medical staff."

"Do not understand the problem can make an appointment in advance of experts, for the specific case analysis, give us answers, after their explanation, in the treatment, diagnosis and treatment, I have a great harvest. Although separated by thousands of miles, but through regular remote communication, feeling they are around us." Shule County People's hospital medical staff said.

Shandong Yuanjiang experts actively carry out hospital, hospital and remote training a total of 21 times, training a total of 15000 passengers. In October 16, 2018 the Shandong provincial hospital policy director Li Guanzhen, the current president of the hospital of Kashi area in the local Youth League organized TB volunteer mobilization meeting, through remote training to the village, the community level, a total of more than 1400 sub venues, the number of over 13000 people.

Li Guanzhen said: "through remote medical consultation, not only improve the" chuanbangdai "mechanism, but also improve the level of medical care and medical quality of the local hospital, ensure medical safety, let the people in the process of the treatment more convenient, timely and effective."

Aiming at the organization of Kashi area hospitals and grassroots medical technology is weak, health care system is not sound and the urgent need of mainland technical support and other issues, intends to apply for the establishment of the Shandong (Kashi) medical health data management platform, to achieve interoperability between information in major hospitals in Shandong and the implementation of the "Internet +, remote education, remote medical treatment" rounds, remote consultation, remote clinics, remote operation demonstration and observation, and realize the Shandong mainland medical technology and information sharing, is expected to invest 3 million of funds for infrastructure construction.

It is understood that since 2010 a new round of Yuanjiang work started, Shandong Province invested more than 3.2 billion in the health sector, sent a total of 539 medical personnel in Xinjiang Yuanjiang cadres to carry out the medical work, the cumulative patient passengers over 260 thousand passengers, more than 20 thousand operations, made a great contribution to promote the development of the recipient technology and local medical and health services.

According to the Central Organization Department, Shandong Province, targeted aid Hospital of Kashi area in September 2018, according to the demand of Pulmonary Hospital, Shandong province from 8 "three level of first-class hospital merit select 12 experts, including management, tuberculosis, Department of Cardiology, bronchoscopy, Radiology, ultrasound, nursing, TB and other eight professionals" the group helping efforts to create tuberculosis and respiratory tract disease and lung disease, minimally invasive medical center three key disciplines, and the establishment of clinical skills training center hospital of Kashi area.

In addition, Shandong Yuanjiang headquarters attaches great importance to the high incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in Kashi area, in 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively, invested 1 million 400 thousand yuan, more than 1000, 11 million 500 thousand yuan in Shandong aid 4 counties 17 towns to implement TB control pilot project.

(commissioning editor Zhou Qianlang and Han Ting)

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